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Wing span:

Identification: This species is sexually dimorphic. The wings are dark brown with a broad central orange band running from costa to dorsum. Both females and males have three whitish subapical markings on the hindwings. Females have a whitish subapical band on the forewings that extends downward to the tornus. The hindwings are scalloped at the termen and have a scalloped projection at the tornus, which has a small orange band and a whitish spot near it. The hindwings have a white basal spot on the upperside in males. Males have a bright iridescent blue tint on the underside, excepting the region where the central band occurs as well as at the dorsum on the forewings. There is a red spot at the dorsum of the forewings on the underside of males. The underside of the wings in females appear similar to the upperside.




Larval food plant:

Adult food:

Reported from: Kaieteur (Region 8)