Cloudless sulphur

Wing span:

Identification: The wings are yellow, with faint brownish markings on the underside at the subapex of the forewings and all of the hindwings. There are two central white spots with dark brown outline on the hindwings and a brownish discal marking on the forewings. Females have dark brown apex and termenal margin and submargin on the forewings, and dark brown submarginal spots on the hindwings. Females also have a dark brown discal spot on the upperside of the forewings, which appear as a cluster of white spots with dark brown outline on the underside (in place of the brownish discal marking). 




Larval food plant: Senna hirustaSenna pallidaSenna papillosa (Warren et al., 2013)

Adult food:

Reported from: Aruka River (Region 1), Charity, Golden Fleece, L'Union & Taymouth Manor (Region 2), Wakenaam (Region 3), CEIBA Biological Centre, Cummings Lodge, Friendship, Georgetown, Kitty, Mon Repos, St. Cuthbert Mission, Timehri & Turkeyen (Region 4), Brotherson, Number 63, Number 72, Skeldon & Tain (Region 6), Bartica (Region 7), Fairview & near Tumatumari (Region 8), Aranaputa Mt., Burro Burro, Kanuku Mts., Karanambu, Kato, Kwatamang & Simon and Shock International Logging Inc. concession (Region 9), Demerara River