Barred yellow

Wing span:

Identification: The forewings are yellow on the upperside with dark brown apex, subapex, costal margin, and termenal margin and submargin. There is also a broad dark brown horizontal band above the dorsum, and a blotchy dark brown band below the costa from base to around mid-costa. Females have less yellow on the upperside of the forewings and the dark brown band above the dorsum is barely present as a much smaller and faint marking. The hindwings are white excepting the blotchy dark brown base and dark brown termenal margin and submargin. The hindwings are a (brown) speckled white on the underside while the forewings are pale yellow with (brown) speckled white margins, submargins, apex and subapex. Females are a (brown) speckled yellow on the underside. 




Larval food plantSenna spp. (Warren et al., 2013)

Adult food: Flower nectar of Ageratum

Reported from: Quonga (Region 7)