Disjunct yellow

Wing span:

Identification: The forewings of males are yellow on the upperside with dark brown termenal margin, submargin, apex and parts of the subapex and outer postdiscal region. The hindwings are white from the base to the outer postdiscal region, except for a yellow subapical patch. The termenal margin and submargin, as well as parts of the outer postdiscal region, are dark brown. The forewings of females are pale yellow on the upperside with dark brown apex and subapex. The hindwings are creamish-yellow. Males are pale yellow to cream on the underside, while females are a bright yellow on the underside with speckling on the hindwings. 




Larval food plantSenna spp. (Warren et al., 2013)

Adult food:

Reported from: CEIBA Biological Centre (Region 4)