Bluish mimic-swallowtail

Wing span:

Identification: The wings are dark brown with a creamish-yellow central patch and creamish-brown apex on the forewings, and creamish-yellow submarginal lunules at the scalloped termen of the hindwings. Both fore- and hindwings have a deep blue tint radiating from the base to the inner discal region of the forewings and to the postdiscal region of the hindwings. There is an additional row of red lunules on the inner side of the submarginal lunules, on the underside of the hindwings, with light brown streaks radiating inward from the centre of each lunule. The red lunule closest to the dorsum has a red streak radiating inward instead of a light brown streak, going all the way to the base where there are other red basal markings.




Larval food plant:

Adult food:

Reported from: Mt. Roraima (Region 7), Kanuku Mts. & Surama Eco-Lodge (Region 9), Demerara River