Torquatus swallowtail

Wing span:

Identification: This species is sexually dimorphic. Males are dark brown with a central yellow band from mid to dorsum on the forewings and a yellow postbasal and discal band on the hindwings. The forewings also have a yellow subapical band. The hindwings have yellow submarginal spots along the scalloped termen and a tail at the tornus. There is also a red marking above the tornus. The submarginal spots appear larger on the underside and there are two additional rows of spots on the inner side, one blue and one red. The forewings have yellow submarginal markings on the underside from mid-termen to tornus, as well as thin yellow stripes radiating from the base of the forewings to the inner side of the broad yellow band. Females are dark brown with a row of red markings at the outer postdiscal and subapical regions of the hindwings. These markings have tinges of yellow on the underside, and the forewings have faint yellow submarginal markings from mid-termen to tornus. 




Larval food plant:

Adult food:

Reported from: Guyana (specific locality not available)