Thin-tailed kite-swallowtail

Wing span:

Identification: The wings are creamish-yellow with dark brown costa, apex, subapex, termenal margin and submargin, and outer postdiscal region. The forewings have a creamish-yellow subapical band consisting of five spots, and a thick club-shaped dark brown band below the inner costal submargin. The hindwings have a creamish-yellow patch at the tornus, whitish submarginal markings from mid-termen to tornus, and a yellow-tipped tail at the tornus. The area where the creamish-yellow region ends and the dark brown region begins is demarcated on the underside by an even darker brown band. On the hindwings, the veins in the creamish-yellow are dark brown from about midway of the wings to the dark brown band/where the dark brown region begins on the upperside (appears creamish-brown on the underside). There is a dark brown band where the dark brown veins start midway of the wings. The whitish submarginal markings on the hindwings start from the apex on the underside and go all the way to the tornus. 




Larval food plant:

Adult food:

Reported from: Kaieteur (Region 8), Takutu (Region 9), Mackenzie (Region 10), Demerara River