Pearly hairstreak

Wing span:

Identification: The upperside of the forewings of males is pearly white from mid to dorsum and dark brown from mid to costa. The hindwings are pearly white on the upperside except for the margins and two patches at the tornus, which are dark brown. Females are dull blue on the upperside of the forewings from mid to base to dorsum, and all of the hindwings except the margins and submargins. There are two tail-like projections on the hindwings, one hair-like and one stub-like. The underside of the wings is dark brown with iridescent green spots in males and iridescent blue spots in females, giving a speckled appearance. The forewings are pearly white from mid to dorsum on the underside of males and light brown in females. The body is pearly white on the upperside in males and dull blue in females. 




Larval food plant:

Adult food:

Reported from: Marudi Mts. Goldfields Romanex Guyana International Inc. (Region 9)