Smudged hairstreak

Wing span:

Identification: The wings are dark brown on the upperside with an iridescent blue tint, except at the margins and submargins. Females do not an iridescent blue tint. The forewings have a dark brown spot below the costa (not present in females). The hindwings have two tail-like projections near the tornus, one hair-like and one stub-like, and a red spot at the tornus. The underside of the wings is purplish-brown. The forewings have a dark brown line running vertically from mid to costa. The hindwings have two dark brown and white wavy postdiscal lines running vertically from costa to dorsum. The hindwings have two orange-crowned black tornal ocelli. 

Variation: There is variation in the amount of purple tint on the underside of the wings.



Larval food plant:

Adult food: Flower nectar of Ageratum

Reported from: CEIBA Biological Centre (Region 4)