Bitias hairstreak

Wing span:

Identification: The wings are bright iridescent blue on the upperside with dark brown margins and apex, as well as the costa and cell above the dorsum of the hindwings. The forewings have a dark brown spot below the costa. Females have less and paler iridescent blue on the upperside, with iridescent blue from mid to dorsum on the forewings (excepting the margins and submargins), and no dark brown spot below the costa of the forewings. The hindwings have two tail-like projections near the tornus, and a little stub at the tornus with white cilia. The underside of the wings is dark brown, with a brown line running vertically from mid to costa on the forewings and two brown and white lines (one postdiscal and one submarginal) running vertically from costa to dorsum on the hindwings. There is a little bit of red at the base of the forewings at the costa. The underside of males is a darker shade of brown and the markings are less visible in comparison to females. The hindwings have two yellowish-crowned black tornal ocelli. The body is iridescent blue on the upperside and dark brown on the underside, except for the abdomen which is yellow. 




Larval food plantInga oerstediana, Inga veraLicania arboreaZygia longifolia (Warren et al., 2013)

Adult food:

Reported from: CEIBA Biological Centre (Region 4), Bartica, Kamarang River & Kartabo (Region 7), Iwokrama Forest, Kaieteur & Potaro River (Region 8), Kanuku Mts. & Rewa Eco-Lodge (Region 9), Wismar (Region 10)