Rocena hairstreak

Wing span:

Identification: The upperside of the wings is iridescent blue from mid to dorsum (excepting the margin, submargin and outer part of the postdiscal area) of the forewings and all of the hindwings excepting the margins and submargins, which are dark brown. The hindwings have two tail-like projections and white cilia near the tornus. The underside of the wings is light brown with red at the wing bases. Outside of the red base of the hindwings is a whitish-outlined black ocellus. The forewings have a dark brown marking outside of the red patch at the base. The forewings also have a short white line near the costa and a second short light brown line adjacent (below) to the costal line. The hindwings have a longer white and brown postdiscal line. The tornus is iridescent green and has two iridescent green-crowned black ocelli.




Larval food plant:

Adult food:

Reported from: Surama Eco-Lodge (Region 9)