Atnius groundstreak

Wing span:

Identification: The forewings are dark brown on the upperside. The upperside of the hindwings is dark brown at the edges and dorsum, and iridescent blue elsewhere. The hindwings have two tail-like projections near the tornus. There are also small white bristle-like hairs at the tornus of the hindwings. The underside of the wings is light brown, with two faint dark brown lines running vertically. The lines on the hindwings are wavy and the inner line has a parallel white line with a reddish-orange tint. The hindwings have two orange-crowned black tornal ocelli, as well as a greyish white-outlined ocellus between these two. 




Larval food plant:

Adult food:

Reported from: Kamarang River & Quonga (Region 7), Annai (Region 9)