Imperial Arcas

Wing span:

Identification: The wings are iridescent green on the upperside, except for the dark brown margin, apex and subapex of the forewings and margin of the hindwings. The forewings have two black spots  on the upperside just below the costa. The underside of the forewings is iridescent green with yellow spots, except for the iridescent blue mid to base region (minus the entire costal region). The hindwings have two tail-like projections of unequal lengths near the tornus. The dorsum of the hindwings has small yellow spots. The underside of the hindwings is yellow with black and green markings. The body is iridescent green with yellow spots on the head on the upperside and all over on the underside. The eyes are red. 




Larval food plant:

Adult food:

Reported from: Mabaruma (Region 1)