Phyllus skipper

Wing span:

Identification: The wings are dark brown with brown fringe (and white fringe at the end of the termen). The forewings have three central transparent spots, one white spot below the central spots (just above the dorsum), and two subapical transparent spots. The costa on the upperside of the forewings and on the underside of the hindwings are orange. The underside of the forewings has a yellow subapical band. The hindwings have a central white patch (originates from the base). The underside of the hindwings has an apical and a central yellow band. 




Larval food plant:

Adult food:

Reported from: Mabaruma (Region 1), Demerara (Region 4), Orealla (Region 6), Bartica Trail & Potaro River (Region 7), Two Hat Mt. (Region 9)