Bluish longtail

Wing span:

Identification: Tailed butterfly with brown wings and white fringe. The tail is black. The upperside of the head and thorax, and mid to base of forewings are iridescent green, while the upperside of the abdomen and all of the hindwings except the margins are iridescent blue. The forewings have a central oblique band consisting of four transparent spots, two transparent spots adjacent to this band, and a subapical band consisting of four small transparent spots. The underside of the hindwings have two black bands. The dorsum on the underside of the forewings is yellowish-brown. There is also a black parafocal band on the underside of the forewings. 




Larval food plantSchistocarpha oppositifolia (Warren et al., 2013)

Adult food:

Reported from: Guyana (specific locality not available)