No common name (open to suggestion)

Wing span:

Identification: This species is sexually dimorphic. Males are orange from the base up to the discal region of the forewings and up to the postdiscal region of the hindwings. The apical and termenal margins of the forewings, and the apical, termenal and dorsal margins of the hindwings are dark brown. There is a central oblique orange band and a subterminal orange band on the forewings. An orange spot is found between these two bands. Females have dark brown forewings with an orange patch at the base of the forewings, and white hindwings with dark brown margins. The orange patch on the underside of the forewings is lighter in color and the white patch on the underside of the hindwings extends to the costal margins. There are four white spots on the forewings as well as a subapical band consisting of six smaller white spots. 




Larval food plant:

Adult food:

Reported from: Georgetown (Region 4), Kamarang River & Omai (Region 7), Annai (Region 9)