Pallid scarlet-eye

Wing span:

Identification: Males have orange forewings that have a light black pattern resembling a magnifying hand lens, and the underside of the hindwings have two light black bands with the outer band being continuous and the inner band being broken (less defined on the upperside; appears as one light black band and one spot). Females are brown with a central slanted white band on the forewings along with a smaller spot outside of this band and five smaller subapical spots (of which two to three are white and the remaining are black). The underside of the hindwings has two short, broad black bands with bits of white on the tail end of the outer band.




Larval food plantInga longispica, Inga samanensis, Inga punctata, Inga vera, Inga sapindoides, Inga oerstediana, Cojoba valerioi (Warren et al., 2013)

Adult food:

Reported from: Guyana (specific locality not available)