No common name (open to suggestion)

Wing span:

Identification: The upperside wings are light brown, with dark brown on the apex and outer margin of the forewings as well as on the costal margin of the hindwings. Each forewing has three to four white patches on the upper- and underside, and each hindwing has a band of black spots along the outer margin. The underside of the body and basal wings is light orange and the margins of the wings are brown.

Variation: The white patches on the forewings may vary in number across specimens. In some, the central band is broken in two or seen as a single band in others. In the hindwings of some specimens, the light orange colour may extend to the termen while the apex is brown. In other specimens, the light orange colour may also extend closer to the apex.



Larval food plant:

Adult food:

Reported from: Iwokrama Forest (Region 8)