Gilbert's flasher

Wing span: 5.1–6.4 cm (Lotts & Naberhaus, 2017)

Identification: The wings are dark brown with iridescent blue bases on the upperside. The underside of the forewings has a white patch that extends to the dorsum. The costal margin is also white on the underside of the forewings. The underside of the hindwings is white at the costa near the base. There are also faint black bands on the underside of the wings.

Variation: The upperside of the forewings may have a white patch outside of the iridescent blue base and the white patch on the forewings underside may vary in intensity.



Larval food plant: Tree or shrub legume such as Bauhinia (Lotts & Naberhaus, 2017)

Adult food: Bird droppings or flower nectar (Lotts & Naberhaus, 2017) of species such as Lantana and Ageratum

Reported from: Guyana (specific locality not available)